Free Übr Water

April 21, 2019

Is water just water?  Not at all.  One of nature’s simplest creations has been enhanced and made better.  Now in the form of Übr Water.  From the people who brought you Klarbrunn, Übr Water is the pure water your body needs…but it comes balanced with electrolytes and a higher pH.  This little extra attention lets Übr Water give you the ultimate balance and refreshment.  This makes it even fresher, purer, and smarter.  When you think Übr… think Ultimate Balance Refreshment.  So, yes, it’s important to get water.  Plenty of it.  But when you have the chance to have Übr Water, you’re experiencing all water can do…and so much more!  Ready to try some?  Pick up a FREE 700 mL bottle of Übr Water with your $10 purchase this week at Fresh Madison Market.