Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee: The 10 Hour Brew

December 10, 2017

In a drive-through world, we’ve gotten pretty used to getting our coffee in mere seconds.  But, what would you say to a 10-hour brew?  That’s what it takes for Stok’s Cold Brew Coffee.  They call it the “low and slow” process.  The coffee is brewed at a low temperature over an amazing 10-hour period.  That brings out all the taste, while removing the bitterness.  Then, the coffee gets filtered one more time to make it even smoother.  The result is a bold flavor that will surprise any coffee fan.  Stok has reworked and fine-tuned their cold brews to deliver you something that just may change the way you taste coffee forever.  Come visit us this week and give it a try.  It’s on us.  You’ll get a free 48-ounce Stok Cold Brew Coffee when you purchase $15 of groceries.  It may have taken 10-hours to brew, but it will only take a moment to fall in love with it!