Build a Better Burger

April 8, 2019

This week at Fresh Madison Market, we have all the things you need to build a better burger!  It all starts with fresh and lean ground chuck patties, just $3.49/lb.  Slicing tomatoes are only 99 cents/lb, and you can top it off with a slice of Sargento Deli cheese, 2 for $6!  We even have Smithfield Sliced Bacon for only $3.99/lb to create the ultimate better burger!  No more excuses!  Fire up the grill and let’s get a great Wisconsin spring underway! 

How about some easy-peasy pasta?  This week you can varieties of Our Family Pasta are just 79 cents, and you’ll love Prego Pasta Sauce for just $1.99.

Don’t forget some smart snacks, like 12 ounces of sweet apple slices for just $2.99 and 14 ounces of pre-cut carrots and celery sticks are just $4.99!

Have an easy, healthy, and fresh week!