Bring Your Own Bridal and Baby Showers

July 21, 2016


Are you in charge of a Bridal or Baby Shower? Are you looking for a novel way to break the ice between family, friends and co-workers? Do you have multiple dietary restrictions you as the host are trying to work around? Have you considered a Bring Your Own (BYO) Buffet shower? With a BYO Buffet Party, Fresh Madison Market catering can help you provide the basics and the guests all bring items to personalize the buffet!

For example, Fresh Madison Market has our Fresh Belgium Waffle Bar that includes sausage and bacon for $8.50 and your guests get fresh waffles, berries, butter syrup and fruit compote.  The catering set-up allows for each guest to be assigned a topping to bring for the waffles.  Some sample ideas for a BYO Waffle Buffet might be powdered sugar, whipped cream, fruits, chocolate chips or candy bar chunks. Peanut butter, ice cream, butter (and flavored butters), fudge sauce, jams, fried chicken (!!) and syrup.

We also have a Mimosa Bar and Coffee Bar for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, Fresh Madison Market can supply a Nacho Bar, Taco Bar, Pasta Bar, Cobb Salad Bar, Sandwich Bar and Chili Bar.