Bolthouse Farms: A Fresh Success Story

December 31, 2017

Funny thing about farming:  It doesn’t happen overnight.  Farmers seem to have a keen understanding of business, too.  They’re in it for the long haul, and they never compromise on quality.  Many of us discovered Bolthouse Farms just a few years ago when their popular line of juices hit the shelves.  But, theirs is a story that goes back over 100 years.  A carrot farm in Grant, Michigan was an overnight success.  If you consider 40 years an “overnight.”  See, that’s how farmers think:  plant the right seeds, play the long game, give back to the Earth.  We’re big believers in that here at Madison Fresh Market, and once Bolthouse Farms proved they would always be fresh and delicious, we happily welcomed them to our shelves.  We’d love for you to take home a 30 ounce bottle of juice from Bolthouse Farms while you’re shopping this week.  Spend $15 in the store, and the juice is on us.  A healthy way to start 2018!