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Better Tomato Prices Coming

December 24, 2017

Hurricane Irma did extensive damage to farms in Florida this September, and you’ve likely noticed it in the price of produce.  A major source of tomatoes in the south was hit right at planting time.  This delayed planting, which in turn has delayed shipment.  Some prices have jumped more than 200% in the past few weeks as demand has been significantly higher than the supply.  Irma demonstrated quite dramatically how important the crops in Florida are to the entire country.  The good news is:  We’ve seen how the hurricane has also demonstrated the resilience and tenacity of the Florida farmer.  While it may have knocked them down, it did not put them out of business.  Farmers are now reporting that harvesting and shipping should be back up to full speed beginning this week or next.  Once the fresh tomatoes begin to get back to stores like ours, the prices are expected to return to normal.  The damage from Hurricane Irma to crops in the Gulf region was unprecedented, and we are grateful to see how the farmers are bouncing back after such a loss.  As always, if you ever have any questions about the fresh produce at Fresh Madison Market, any of our managers will be delighted to help!