January 27, 2016
Are you attending a Superbowl party and need to bring an appetizer?  If you are nor ordering one of our delicious party platters, you can make one (or more!) of these mouthwatering appetizers!   Spicy Sriracha Chex Mix from My Bacon Wrapped Life Brown Sugar Chicken Wings from Domestic Fits
Fresh Pears
January 21, 2016
  Pears are one of the most popular fruits in the world! They are a great source of fiber and a good source of vitamin C.  Plus, they're a great snack with only 100 calories per serving.   When shopping for pears, look for a pear that is firm. The pear should have a smooth skin that is free of bruises or mold. The color of good pears may not be uniform as some may have brown-speckled patches on the skin, this is a normal.   And what’s even better about pears?  You can use them for recipes for every single meal of the day!  
grapefruit juice
January 12, 2016
  Go Get Grapefruit.  Today. Grapefruit is pretty great.  The health benefits of grapefruit is virtually unsurpassed by any other fruit.  Grapefruit is chock full of vitamin C. Vitamin C significantly boosts the immune system and helps shorten colds.  Plus, scientific research has shown that grapefruit can help burn fat AND speed up your metabolism. We are all pretty guilty of just eating grapefruit on its own and not using it in other dishes.  But Fresh Madison Market is here to help.  Try your grapefruit in these recipes and let us know what you think!
January 7, 2016
Such a fantastic fruit – and did you know? It contains more potassium that a banana!  When you purchase an avocado, a ripe, ready-to-eat avocado is somewhat soft but should have no dark spots. The average California Hass Avocado weighs between about 6 ounces and has a pebbled green or black skin.