April 24, 2015
Avocados are on sale this week for 39¢ at Fresh Madison Market.  Avocados are known as a super food, they are wonderful for weight loss menus, they have tons of health benefits PLUS they taste awesome!  But what can YOU make with them?  Here are some ideas: Tomato Avocado Melt from
April 14, 2015
Every month we will be selecting one of our Fresh Madison Market staff who best exemplifies the Fresh Madison Market vision. Selection of our Employee of the Month is based on many factors including customer comments and service, cooperation with fellow employees, overall attitude and work ethic.
April 11, 2015
We cannot deny just how much we love grilled cheese sandwiches.  With Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day tomorrow, we thought it would be great to supply you with multiple recipes to make delicious, belly-filling grilled cheese sandwiches.  And you don’t have to worry, not one of them is the $100 Grilled Cheese sandwich that was available in Chicago last year.