January 13, 2015
If you are like many people, eating better and/or losing weight was one of your resolutions for this year.  How is this going for you?  We are here to help with some ideas of how to keep committed to your fresh and better eating resolution. 1.
January 8, 2015
Did you know that sitting down while you eat can help you eat less food and consume fewer calories? When you sit, you eat slower and pay more attention to what you're eating. Eating while you're standing up also encourages a lot of snacking, grazing and impulse consuming.
January 2, 2015
Is one of your resolutions to eat healthier in 2015? How about creating a portable salad for lunch? Mason Jar Salads are on point! You can pick up a quart mason jar at many retail outlets. You can make a Mason Jar Salad with our salad bar or purchase the ingredients in advance (and have enough for multiple salads). Mason Jar Salad Directions 1. Choose a dressing. Since you are trying to reach your healthy goal, pick a lighter vinaigrette (although you can use any salad dressing you would like). 2. Add a layer of vegetables.