December 31, 2017
Funny thing about farming:  It doesn’t happen overnight.  Farmers seem to have a keen understanding of business, too.  They’re in it for the long haul, and they never compromise on quality.  Many of us discovered Bolthouse Farms just a few years ago when their popular line of juices hit the shelves.  But, theirs is a story that goes back over 100 years.  A carrot farm in Grant, Michigan was an overnight success.  If you consider 40 years an “overnight.”  See, that’s how farmers think:  plant the right seeds, play the long game, give back to the Earth.  We’re big believers in that here at Ma
tomato prices
December 24, 2017
Hurricane Irma did extensive damage to farms in Florida this September, and you’ve likely noticed it in the price of produce.  A major source of tomatoes in the south was hit right at planting time.  This delayed planting, which in turn has delayed shipment.  Some prices have jumped more than 200% in the past few weeks as demand has been significantly higher than the supply.  Irma demonstrated quite dramatically how important the crops in Florida are to the entire country.  The good news is:  We’ve seen how the hurricane has also demonstrated the resilience and tenacity of the Florida farme
cookie pizza
December 24, 2017
Research shows that 93% of people love a good pizza.  We’re not sure what’s up with the other 7%, but they’re missing out.  At Fresh Madison Market we have come up with a pizza that we are expecting 100% of the people to like:  Our own bakery cookie pizza.  Now, most people aren’t going to have a cookie pizza for the main course, but we won’t judge you if you do.  We’ve made our cookie pizza to be soft and sharable.  Just one word of caution:  Like any other pizza, it’s going to be tough to stop at just one slice.  In fact, this week we’re giving them away for free with your $17 purchase in
grass fed beef
December 17, 2017
The first thing that is very impressive about grass fed beef is how lean it is.  Beef lovers sometimes struggle between their favorite cut of steak, and watching their own fat intake.  Grass fed beef is substantially lower in fat.
peanut butter cookies
December 17, 2017
Here’s a great project for the kids, and the result is one everybody will enjoy!  A slight variation on traditional peanut butter cookies makes them perfect for the holidays.  Here’s what you’ll need:
Cold Brew Coffee
December 10, 2017
In a drive-through world, we’ve gotten pretty used to getting our coffee in mere seconds.  But, what would you say to a 10-hour brew?  That’s what it takes for Stok’s Cold Brew Coffee.  They call it the “low and slow” process.  The coffee is brewed at a low temperature over an amazing 10-hour period.  That brings out all the taste, while removing the bitterness.  Then, the coffee gets filtered one more time to make it even smoother.  The result is a bold flavor that will surprise any coffee fan.  Stok has reworked and fine-tuned their cold brews to deliver you something that just may change
Reindeer Food
December 10, 2017
Most remember to put out cookies and milk for Santa.  But, did you remember the reindeer food?  This simple project will keep anxious kids occupied on Christmas Eve, and add an extra little element of magic to the big night.  All it takes is oats and some edible glitter!  Take a half cup of dry oats and a few teaspoons of edible glitter.  The kids can put the combination together any way they like.  Once it’s ready, you make a quick trip out front and sprinkle some in the snow.  The colored glitter makes the yard more festive, and the hungry reindeer will love the oats.  Just remember to us
December 3, 2017
When everyone hears the very idea of “dessert hummus,” the first reaction is confusion.  The second reaction is “I gotta try this.”  From ABC’s Shark Tank to Cosmopolitan magazine, one taste of Delighted By Dessert Hummus and people are hooked.  We have this amazing treat now at Fresh Madison Market.  You’ll love it because of the healthful way its put together.  You’ll want it because… it’s dessert hummus!  It starts with the main ingredient: Chickpeas.  But, instead of garlic and lemon, Delighted By has put in cinnamon and whole vanilla beans.  Instead of olive oil, you g
December 3, 2017
Here’s a favorite craft that kids love getting their hands into:  Cookie Dough Ornaments!  This super easy project is fun for a dreary winter day, and will ad a homemade touch to your Christmas Tree.  The dough is easy:  4 cups of flower, 1 ½ cups of water, and 1 cup of salt.  Knead into a dough and roll it out.  Get some cookie cutters, and any kind of extra decorations you want to add.  Put them on an ungreased cookie sheet and into the oven at 325 degrees for 10 minutes.  When they come out and they’re still soft, make a small hole with a knife for a ribbon or yarn.  When they’re all coo
November 27, 2017
Peanut butter has become so commonplace, you don’t give a second thought when picking up any jar you find.  Since everything we do at Fresh Madison Market is about all things FRESH, we’d like to introduce you to a better peanut butter.  Fresh ground peanut butter has many benefits.  High on the list is no sugar.  Mass produced peanut butter has added sugar to give it a sweeter taste.  So much sugar that it’s listed #2 on most ingredients.  The number one ingredient is hydrogenated oils.  Hydrogenated oil is a process to thicken vegetable oil into a solid, similar t