October 22, 2017
The bottle of maple syrup on your table went through an amazing journey.  In fact, it took almost 40 gallons of maple tree sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup.  That math is even more amazing when you consider each tree only gives out about 5 to 15 gallons of sap in a year.  And you have to wait to get it.  40 years, in fact.  A maple tree has to be 40 years old before it’s ready to tap its sap!  A favorite of ours is Trainor’s Maple Syrup from Trainor’s Maple Essence Farms in Wisconsin.
new job
October 15, 2017
You have a smile that immediately makes you a friend.  You think rainy days are a-ok.  And you don’t cry over spilled milk… or a clean-up in aisle 8.
October 15, 2017
This week we’d like you to try Marin French Cheese.  You can pick some up for just $6.99 with a $17 purchase.  Grab a couple other items and you can make these amazing cheese, corn, and bacon-stuffed tomatoes.  Here’s what you’ll need:
October 9, 2017
Local and federal authorities have been surveying Florida farmland for damage to crops.  It’s estimated that the damage will be in the billions.  Hurricane Irma pulled oranges from trees, flattened sugar cane fields, and soaked vegetable beds.  This level of destruction in one state will surely be felt across the United States.  Florida Citrus Mutual spokesman Andrew Meadows reports he is hearing anecdotal reports of “up to 50 percent fruit loss.  Some growers are below that.  Some are above that, obviously.”  Meadows said that it’s not just citrus crops, it’s affecting virtually everyone. 
October 2, 2017
You know we insist that the food we bring to you at [Fresh City Market][Madison Fresh Market] is fresh.  It’s not good enough to “almost” get there and hope that “nobody will notice.”  We start with carefully choosing our partner farms and products.  One product that really impressed us was Prima Gattie peaches.  Peaches are delicate, and one simple bruise can ruin a peach.  Prima beaches are never dumped into a giant bulk bins.  Instead, they use small buckets so the peaches don’t bang around and get bruised and blemished.  They are hand packed right next to the orchard by experts who stan
Organic Food
October 2, 2017
You’re seeing the word “organic” appear on food, and people who are very aware of what they are putting in their bodies will usually prefer organic over conventionally grown products.  But, it goes beyond health benefits for you.  Organic food is better for our community.   When you choose organic, you are supporting farms that conserve water, reduce energy, and put fewer pesticides on the ground and water.  Animals that are raised for organic food are not given antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal byproducts.  It’s been shown that organic milk and meat have levels of certain nutrients u
September 25, 2017
Satori Standards for Fine Cheese
September 25, 2017
Update on Produce Crops Damaged by Irma
Hurricane Irma and Your Produce
September 18, 2017
Hurricane Irma and Your Produce Back to back hurricanes in the Gulf have been heartbreaking to watch.  Lives have been changed forever.  It may be years before we know the full economic impact to the region.  Even though we are miles away, it’s likely you will notice the effects of the storms in our produce section.  It is our commitment to you to always have fresh produce.  The growers we work with share those values, and will never deliver fruit that has been damaged, rolling around on the ground, or simply not good quality.  
September 18, 2017
Put Your Garden to Bed A little preparation now will improve your garden when spring rolls around.  Here are some ideas from The Old Farmer’s Almanac so you can have an even better season next year: Get the weeds out of there!  This will help eliminate pests. Till the soil.  This also helps to prevent insects like Japanese Beetles. Cover in compost.  Leaves, manure, or lime tilled into the soil will prep it for next year.