Why Iron Skillets are Best

January 22, 2018

The iron skillet is the work horse of any kitchen.  It’s the one that your grandmother swore by, and the same one trusted out in the wilderness.  How can one kitchen utensil be so versatile?  First of all, it’s virtually indestructible.  An iron skillet can go from stovetop to oven and back again.  They are naturally non-stick.  When an iron skillet is well seasoned, you can clean it easily and count on them to be ready to go.  Because cast iron is so dense, the heat distributes easily and it holds the heat longer.  It’s definitely one of those cases when the tried-and-true method is always the best.  At Fresh City Madison, you can get any cast iron plan from the legendary Good Cook brand for free with your $25 purchase.  They are pre-seasoned and ready to go.  It’s time to discover what your grandmother knew all along!