Argo Put the “Tea” in QualiTea

January 7, 2018

Tea has come a long way from the paper packets that Mom would only bring out when you were sick.  “One flavor fits all” has given way to an explosion of combinations from mild & sweet to bold with a bite.  One of the companies behind this tea resurgence is Argo Tea.  They decided that they would hire creative mixologists with nutritionists to bring you something special.  No fake colors or pretend flavors.  Everything in Argo Tea is as perfectly natural as nature made it.  It begins with fresh full tea leaves that are then infused with a collection of fruits, flowers, spices and herbs.  Instead of plain old “tea,” you end up with creations like Fruit Sangria, Hibiscus Apple, and Pina Colada.  If you haven’t tried these before… try them on us.  Come visit this week and with your $15 purchase, you’ll get a box of 15 individually wrapped silk sachetes of Argo Tea.  We think you’ll like their “creativiTEA.”